Ready, set, Russian grammar!

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A little off-topic, but do you know how to say “Ready, set, go!” in Russian?

It’s на старт, внимание, марш! Cool, right?

Anyway, this is just a quick update about grammar. I recently found two brand new resources for Russian grammar…

Behold, the Russian Tutor Grammar and Vocabulary Workbook!

It’s super cool inside! The explanations are clear. The exercises ask you to “check weather apps” and “write emails to friends”. (Raise your hand if you’re tired of all the old textbooks for learning Russian with their ancient examples of 1980s life and rock music.) And best of all- each section has a little self-check questionnaire, something you could easily refer back to later when you’re working with a real tutor.

I came across this book at Powell’s, a huge bookstore here in Oregon. Even knowing that the prices there are insane, it’s impossible to walk out of that bookstore without at least one new book. This workbook, for example, was $35… and it’s only $25 on Amazon. Oops! But at least I got a good price on the next item…

Angelos Georgakis is one of my heroes. He speaks multiple languages and uses his own learning experiences to make learning Russian fun for other people. If you’ve never checked out his YouTube channel, go there now!

Last week, he sent out an email about “crazy discounts” for черная пятница. When I saw that his video grammar course was on sale for $20, I didn’t even think about it… sold! (Plus, a Black Friday sale? It’s my patriotic duty as an American to click buy, haha.)

Angelos took a single movie- the mega-popular The Irony of Fate- and dissected the movie into grammar segments. I’ve never seen the entire movie (my husband says, “please, nooooo, I can’t watch it again!”) so this is:

A) a way to finally see the whole film

B) memorize/recognize the famous lines that everyone loves to quote

C) gets tons of grammar examples separated by case


So, what do you think? Would you try one or both of these resources? What are you using right now to study Russian grammar?

I’ve started on the Russian Tutor workbook already, so I’ll make a more comprehensive review in the few months. And since New Year’s Eve is coming up and The Irony of Fate is a New Year’s movie, I’ll dive into the grammar course over the next few weeks. (By the way, it’s on sale until Thursday, November 30th, 11:59 PT. You have to log into paypal to see the “Black Friday” price on the final screen.)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to study some Russian grammar…на старт, внимание, марш! 🙂

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  1. Robert "Tim" Kopp
    | Reply

    I found and ordered a copy of this book “Russian Tutor” for $22, including shipping. It’s intended (as you can see) for upper beginners through upper intermediate, and since I’m upper intermediate, I thought it would be appropriate for me.
    One important consideration (from the point of self-study) is that I know someone else is already using it, and perhaps others will follow. I’ve tried to learn a lot of things through self-study, but only in very few cases has anyone else been using the same materials.

    • Katherine
      | Reply

      Hey, that’s great!! 😀 I’m really excited to hear how it’s going for you as you work through the book. We can be study buddies!

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