Free online resources to start learning Russian

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An acquaintance just started learning Russian and is looking for good online resources. Do you know of any? Here is my own short list of resources for beginners…

Where to start

The Russian alphabet with sound and handwriting

Audio files of common greetings in Russian

How to tell if something is actually Russian or just gibberish


Useful YouTube videos

Learn 3 short Russian phrases in 60 seconds (series)


Just for fun

Easy vocab game: match the word to its picture

Match the Russian word to its gender

Russian vocab through music

Russian-English cognates (words that are the same in both languages)

12 words you should learn before moving to Ukraine or Russia


Online programs for beginners

Learn Russian from Russia Today. I think these lessons are quite well-organized.

Между нами, “a free, web-based textbook that provides a comprehensive introduction to Russian language and culture.”

News in Slow Russian (use level 1)


When I started Street Russian, it seemed like that there were tons of resources for Russian beginners but not much available for intermediate (and higher) learners. *Cue Free resources for Intermediate – Advanced Students of Russian.* But now I’m wondering… are there people reading my posts who are just starting to learn Russian? Would you like me to write about more beginner-level topics? I would be very grateful if you can take a minute to answer the 3 short questions in this survey! (if you’re reading this post as an email, please click here to see the survey.)

Create your own user feedback survey


Thank you! And again, if you have any good resources for beginners, please leave a link in the comment below. 🙂

5 Responses

  1. Willem
    | Reply

    Hi, I use this app on my phone: Russian Test 2018 (The Quizworld System). I like it!

    • Katherine
      | Reply

      Cool, thank you for the recommendation, Willem! 🙂

  2. talime
    | Reply

    my Russian pinterest board – pretty nice collection of resources, grammar tables, vocabulary and common phrases

    • Katherine
      | Reply

      Talime, what a great Pinterest board- lots and lots of useful pins there! Are you also learning German and Japanese? I noticed you have some resources for those languages too.

      • talime

        I was learning German at school. But I feel like I forgot almost everything since I left school. I’d like to get back to it one day. Japanese is just for fun. My priority is Russian (: I’m in Kharkiv now, btw.. (:

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