Restaurants 3

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A few interesting odds and ends for restaurant practice-


In a Brazilian steakhouse-


Хватит! Enough! Ещё! More food!


Arghhhh!!!! The main cause of distress for Russian language learners- illegible cursive!


Самообслуживание, убирай за собой мусор, Self-service, take your trash with you


A few funny drinking signs-


L: Вы ещё не пьяны, по настоящему, если можете лежать, не держась за пол! You’re not really truly drunk if you can lie die without holding onto the floor!

R:  Водка ваша, еда наша! Your vodka, our food! (I’m so going to memorize that rhyme)


Definitely one of the weirdest advertisements ever-


I don’t even know which is more disturbing- the words or the picture??

Мой первый… Мой мясной. Мой японский. My first… My meaty. My Japanese.


Two signs I couldn’t understand at all when I first saw them. Can you?


L: Направо пойдёшь, сытым будешь, Turn right and you’ll be full (This refers to a famous story)

R: отведать дичь, Sample our wild game



That’s all! Now back to enjoying your food 😉 After Restaurants 1, Restaurants 2, and this post, you deserve a nice break!



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  1. Richardlanguage
    | Reply

    Funny! I wonder if the vodka/food rhyme is related to the proverb, “Щи да каша – пища наша.”

    • Katherine
      | Reply

      Privet Richard! That proverb is cool! I had actually never heard it before, so thank you for sharing it 🙂 Just put it in the ANKI deck to memorize.

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