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Anyone else out there who goes overboard when it comes to buying foreign language books? I used to bring home new Russian books all the time… until it became clear how long it actually takes to go through a single book.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve worked through several textbooks—the very dated Russian Stage 3, the equally dated Schaum’s Outlines Russian Vocabulary, the hip Russian Tutor—and books—these Russian-y books, the tragedy of Soviet sub K219, about half of this novel.

Here are the books I need to finish before I can (responsibly) buy any new ones.

Currently reading

Written by an American who raised her first child alone in Moscow. (Well, the actual story is a bit more complicated but this is what you’ll read on the back of the book.) This is the Russian translation of what was originally titled Motherhood, Russia-style.
Written by another American woman living in Moscow. Great for stop-and-start reading! Chapters are quite short, in English, and themed around a vocab topic.


This is a cool little 90-page book that a friend gave me… 5 YEARS AGO. 😳 The sayings are organized by topics, which is quite useful. I should probably start flipping through it every now and then.
Have you heard of language laddering? Here’s a good explanation of the process. I’m fascinated by dual language texts like these. My Spanish is definitely on the decline but I hope to revive it later this year.
Yes, this beast still haunts my bookshelf. It’s been back and forth TWICE now… US →Russia→US→Russia. Once upon a time I thought I’d finish it in August 2015.
Two self-improvement translations that seemed intriguing. I’ve been peeking at them every once in a while. Лучше каждый день is concise, making it a lot easier to read than the chatty 30 шикарных дней.
Sentimentality, I guess, but I still want to continue reading this dictionary.

What Russian books / textbooks are sitting on your shelf right now? Are there any new books you’re going to buy this year?

PS: Check out what I discovered in the local bookstore…

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  1. J.T.
    | Reply

    Anyone else out there who goes overboard when it comes to buying foreign language books?

    *nervously glances over at the 10lb of Russian books I lugged over from Petersburg*

  2. Brett Phillips
    | Reply

    I think it’s a common problem, too many books, no time to read. So… let’s buy more!

    I’m terrible at methodical or consistent study, but to make the most of any time I have to spare, I try to read a story in Russian that I’m familiar with in English. So, right now I’m reading Метро 2033 by Dmitri Glukhovsky – very contemporary language (being a contemporary book). I read the trilogy in English first.

    And of course, I have some much loved classics, including multiple version of Хоббит and Властелин Колец.

    • Katherine
      | Reply

      Privet Brett! I’ve been thinking of you and your family a lot these days. Hope you guys are safe and out of the fire danger zone.

      Metro 2033, wow! My husband is reading that same book right now. You can compare notes with him if you’d like. So far he’s told me it makes him feel depressed but he’s awed at how relevant it is to what’s happening in the world these days.

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