Russian Roundup- January 2017

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This is my husband’s desk. None of his coworkers know what приходите завтра means (come back tomorrow), but I think he gets a kick out of the sign. 😉

This was actually a pretty good month for studying Russian, but when it came to my study plan… it was always приходите завтра. I hardly accomplished any of it. (And in a crazy language twist, D and I began taking Mandarin classes this month!) On the other hand, this was my 3rd month working as a freelance Russian translator and a Ukrainian friend started calling every week to skype in Russian. Those things helped me stay focused on learning, even if it wasn’t in the way I’d originally planned. What helped you stay focused on learning Russian this month?





  • Доес тхис хаппен то ыоу? Oops, I mean, does this happen to you? One of my old students recommend Punto Switcher to fix these situations. This Yandex program will work magic when you start typing in the wrong keyboard.
  • Another addition to the Soviet cartoon catalog: Тайна третьей планеты, a sci-fi cartoon from 1981. Below are some screenshots and comments from the video. (And seriously, is that clown terrifying or what?!) My favorite things about this cartoon are these cultural gems:
    • the scene when the pilot scolds an alien for exposing his friend’s daughter to a draft… Прекратите сквозняк, а то ребёнка простудите.
    • the requisite line about неграмотность… Человек — царь природы! Только звери об этом не знают, они неграмотные. 




1.17 Progress Report


Here are the results (lack of results?) for January’s study plan-




3 videos: Instrumental Case in a StolovayaHardness and Softness of Russian Consonants, and Intro to Cases + Strategies for Learning Them.

That’s it.

For next month, I’m ditching the attempt at the Goldlist method for now and postponing the rest for later.




2.17 Study Plan


It’s less ambitious, so there’s even space for a cat. 🙂 Барсик!




What are your language goals for February 2017?

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  1. J.T.
    | Reply

    Какое совпадение! Я тоже изучаю глаголы движения.

    You’re working as a freelance Russian translator?! Cool! Do you translate manually or use a CAT tool?

    • Katherine
      | Reply

      Cool! What materials are you using? I’m using this:

      The agency is nudging me toward memoQ, but I’m not there quite yet. It’s only for Windows, so it’ll take some maneuvering to make it work on my OS. What do you use for the things you translate? You mentioned you’ve worked on / are working on some book translations…

      • J.T.

        I use OmegaT, an open-source program which works on both Windows and Mac OS. Лучше всего – это бесплатно! Perfect for a broke college student. Easy to install and easy to use – so long as you read the instructions.

        Then there’s Anaphraseus, also free, but I don’t use it.

    • Katherine
      | Reply

      Oh my gosh, J.T.- OmegaT has the funniest description ever:

      “If your approach to new software is to click on every button you see until something resembling the desired effect occurs, then OmegaT is probably not suitable for you.” A truism, yeah… but should be included more in FAQs, hahaha.

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