Russian Roundup – July 2019

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I had high hopes for this month.

On July 1st, I told myself, “I’ll do a bunch of Russian word searches!”

I did two.

“I’ll finish my Russian song book!”

I copied the lyrics for three songs and never opened the book again.

“I’ll start reading a book in Russian!”

Ha, nope.

Apparently I spent all my Russian time reading online because today I have tons of cool links to share with you.

Not Russia- it’s actually a pub in Portland, Oregon. Looks like someone’s whimsical dream дача, right?

But on the other hand, this month I had so much fun following the trans-siberian adventures of Amy @wayfarersbook and Olga @AmazingRussian’s journey to Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Karelia!

To the roundup!


Что нового


What is one thing you did this month to improve your Russian? What are your language goals for August… or are you taking a break? Leave me a comment below!

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