Russian Roundup – July 2020

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This month:

I went to the eye doctor for an exam + new lenses. This guide – Очки и окулисты – Glasses and Eye Doctors – was super helpful.

Whyyyy is charcoal ice cream a thing? Note to self: do not buy again.

We made it through a small heatwave, the air barely cooling off around 3 AM before heating up again. Advice from a local journalist: Во-первых, не пейте холодную воду. Она не утоляет жажду, вылетает через пять минут вместе с потом, унося с собой соль. Hmmm. I know that Russians aren’t fans of cold liquids but I’ve never heard this particular explanation before.

Pigeons hiding out from the sun.
Our high-tech solution.

Because it was so hot, I put off one of my Russian sessions on italki. I’ve now had 5 sessions with a super cool mathematician from another city. In August, I’m going to also start meeting on skype with another Russian speaker but this time for a language exchange: 30 min English, 30 minutes Russian. Do you have any advice on how to do a successful language exchange?

To the roundup!


How to talk about being tired in Russian

Mountain adventures in Russia

A visual dictionary of Russian foods (instagram)

Map of forest fires in Russia

A good short post on интернет-сленг with audio – By the way, the weekly LinguaGenie newsletter is great!


A short history of the tsars and vodka production

A clever parrot speaking Russian

The difficulties of translating video games from ENG to RU

The cool YouTube channel of a foreigner in St. Petersburg

This song will definitely get stuck in your head: Пошёл Вон Вавилон 😆

A YouTube channel called над городами that will introduce you to all kinds of Russian cities

Russian vs Macedonian vs Polish vs Slovenian | Can we understand each other?

Helpful posts I found on Instagram this month:

a very short video on brand names that have become common nouns in Russian

what does the idiom Опять 25! mean?

how to say “so-so” in Russian

Russian phrases with countries and nationalities

another good expression: чемоданное настроение

What is one thing you did this month to improve your Russian? What are your language goals for August? Leave me a comment below!

Summer in the forest.

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  1. Valentina
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    Статья о визите к окулисту неплохая, но если окулистов много, то это будут окулисты. 😉 Должен быть заголовок “Очки и окулисты”. К сожалению, нет возможности написать автору статьи о том, что у него в заголовке ошибка.

    • Katherine
      | Reply

      Спасибо, Валентина! Я даже не заметила это, good catch! I fixed it here, at least. 🙂

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