Russian Roundup – March 2021

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Winter is melting away here as the temps climb from -3C to +7C. Here are some photos I took before the thaw arrived…

To the roundup!

что интересного почитать

Beautiful March 8th greetings from Russia’s Khakassia Nature Reserve. Also: в Петербурге чучело Масленицы спалили выстрелом из танка.

Иностранцы, которые никогда не были в Казани, сыграли в игру «Угадай, что в этом здании».

Interesting Facebook groups to follow as a foreigner in Saint Petersburg.

Two words that all Russians know but you rarely hear about outside of Russia: облепиха and ЕГЭ.

A cartoon about cat logic, по-русски.

что интересного в инстаграм

Photos and videos: Russia’s Far East, Moscow winter, Russian villages, the seasons of Chelyabinsk.

How to say “you’re just like your (relative)” in Russian.

The difference between меня не было and я не был.

The difference between казаться and оказаться.

Famous catchphrases from The Master and Margarita.

Animal phrases in Russian: сонный как муха, довольный как слон, и так далее.

A good guide to describing containers in Russian.

6 Russian words that are commonly shortened.

что интересного посмотреть

Pretty incredible!

Tomsk via marshrutka, bus, tram.👍
If you’re ever craving Moscow, this channel has lots of interesting walking videos!
This channel is a great resource for all things Udmurtia.

What is something you read / watched / did this month to improve your Russian?

What are your language goals for April?

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