Russian Roundup – May 2021

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Tomorrow will be the first day of summer in Russia and we’ve already hit 36C (96F) here, wow!🥵 When our apartment turns into an oven, it’s hard to be productive. Language learning took a serious nosedive in the heat. Luckily the weather has cooled off again and I’m excited to share more photos, stories, and Russian language tips with you in June.😊 Here are a few photos from spring in Chelyabinsk:

First up, Easter. This mainly meant tracking down some tasty кулич and other treats.

Then came the May holidays.

Shortly after that, my husband and I got fully vaccinated🎉 and I gave 2 lectures at a local university. Then we traveled to the futuristic city of Innopolis to attend an event at the university there. Check out how incredible their university looks!

Yandex delivery robots on every street. 😍

Since Chelyabinsk is not a transportation hub, the trip to Innopolis meant passing through several other cities. It was the first time we had left town in over a year and a good reminder of how many cool things there are to see in Russia. More posts on that soon…

To the roundup!

что интересного почитать / посмотреть

Improve your Russian vocab: different words for “street”.

12 English words of Russian origin.

A good grammar review of Russian numbers.

Recent travelogues: Overnight train to Kazan and 2 days in Yekaterinburg. Also, a trip to Russia’s incredibly remote Putorana Plateau.

Upcoming photo travelogue: Journeys through 21st-Century Russia.

Book review: The Lost Pianos of Siberia.

Book review: Club Red: Vacation Travel and the Soviet Dream.

A Netflix series set in steampunk tsarist Russia.

From the guys who brought you Russian Cyberpunk Farm: Русский Космопоезд.

Две минутки медитации для гармоничного, сука, дня.

Hollywood is remaking Ирония судьбы.

что интересного в инстаграм

В майские праздники…

Old Russia meets new Russia.

St Petersburg’s “Бессмертной флотилии”.

Spring cleaning (dusting?) on the roads in Chelyabinsk.

How much does food cost in Russia? And how about foreign dishes?

A useful tip for pronouncing words with -тся and -ться.

Transitive verbs of motion.

Some useful phrases with audio: Не откажу́сь. / Зако́н оди́н для всех, ва́ше сия́тельство. / У меня не получается + verb. / Время покажет. / До меня дошло.

My fav new find for cat memes in Russian.

Chelyabinsk mural.

What is something you read / watched / did this month to improve your Russian?

What are your language goals for June?

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