Russian Roundup- November 2015

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Gearing up for the holidays in Odessa, Ukraine. Dec 2013.


Despite November’s frantic time-to-start-holidaying-EVERYTHING feel, my efforts returned to Russian this month. Finally! 🙂


D and I watched a новогодний мюзикл called Новые приключения Аладдина (The New Adventures of Aladdin) that featured all the bigwigs of entertainment: Verka Serduchka, Philip Kirkorov, Ani Lorak, Yelena Vorobey, Nikolay Baskov, etc. We also rewatched this comedy sketch on the dangers of interpretation and I bought an MP3 called ‘The Filthy Album’ which offers lessons on how to swear in Russian. Not that I would 😉 And to top things off, we watched a Netflix documentary called ‘Exporting Raymond‘ that followed the struggles of casting / filming / making an American sitcom in Moscow. It was a bit oh-my-gosh-this-IS-actually-a-foreign-country! at times, which made it somewhat frustrating to sit through.


And speaking of watching, there’s another addition to the list, but one that my husband adamantly refused to participate in…


The (not-so) Ukrainian Bachelor


(Disclaimer: This ad looks like it’s from the Russian show, not the Ukrainian one. Still fits though :p)

One thing that’s helped me get back into the language groove is the ultra-cheesy Холостяк– this time, Season 3. Some people study foreign languages for really noble causes. Not me 😉 No thanks, Tolstoy and Dostoevsky… at least not when there’s a Ukrainian plastic surgeon and a bevy of beautiful women cattily competing for his attention! But what is it with these bachelors?


Bachelor #1 lived in Odessa (Ukraine) waaay back as a kid but is now an American reality TV star who lives in New Jersey. “I’ve come back to the motherland because I want to find a woman who had the same childhood I did, who watched the same cartoons”, he said while staring soulfully into the camera. “I have all this success but no one to share it with.” He later said he regretted doing the show.



Bachelor #2 was a Scottish photographer- allegedly related to Tsar Nicholas II- who spoke no Ukrainian or Russian. Yeah. Because as we all know, nothing makes you fall in love faster than wearing an earpiece and speaking to your date via simultaneous interpretation with nine billion cameramen hovering around for emotional close-ups.



Now, Bachelor #3. I’ve only watched the first 30 minutes of Season 3…

but Bachelor #3 is a plastic surgeon from Moscow.

Where are all the Ukrainian guys???


Well, there are a few more seasons to get through. Maybe the next холостяк will be a born-and-bred street musician from Lviv or an engineer from Poltava, who knows. But in the meantime, I’ve also found this, uh, more authentically-Ukrainian дейтинг-шоу called Герої&Коханці. Check it out:

24 героя из разных уголков Украины будут бороться за любовь идеальной женщины.

Фитнестренеры, бизнесмены, блогеры, музыканты, философы, продавцы, поэты, строители и даже кузнецы.


I know, sorry. Please resume your Turgenev novel now! 😉


Grammar that’s not painful


A few weeks ago I found a collection of YouTube videos created by an American woman who teaches Russian here in the U.S. Check it out! Her videos are directed at people just beginning with the language but she presents in such a clear way that you’ll eagerly watch the whole thing. Here’s a review of the prepositional case for you-


Here’s another grammar tidbit: What are the differences between Russian and English in punctuation rules?


 Just for fun!


20 комиксов для тех, кто понимает этот сумасшедший мир (20 comics for those who understand this crazy world)



18 штуковин, которые облегчат жизнь молодых родителей (18 things that make life easier for young parents)



20 открыток про любимых жен и мужей (20 signs about beloved husbands and wives)



Тест: В каком городе вам стоит жить? (Test: what city should you live in?)



  What a cute little ….!

2013-09-14 16.17.18


I came across this photo on my computer of a children’s store in Ukraine and it got me interested in the suffix -ечка. After picking my husband’s brain for a few minutes, we came up with this list:

букашка = a little bug

букашечка = a cute little bug

кошка = a (female) cat

кошечка = a cute (female) cat

чашка = a teacup

чашечка = a cute little teacup

книга = a book

книжечка = a cute little book

Can you think of anything else to add?


A few other tidbits from this month


  • Did you know ‘mumbo jumbo’ translates into Russian? Mумба юмба!
    • Что это за мумба юмба?! = What kind of mumbo jumbo is that?!
  • If you’re a planner addict too, here‘s some inspiration for you!
A recent poll on What do you think?




How did your November studies go?
Is the looming arrival of 2016 motivating you to get your act together?

Happy studying!! 🙂

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