Russian Roundup – November 2017

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Look what I found in the middle of an old sci-fi book!

November was a lot like this… long stretches of regular life stuff and then bam! something totally random in Russian, usually a translation task. This month I had 15 tasks, more than usual since some assignments came in from a second agency. Aside from those tasks + talking to Елена Н as usual + pestering my husband with random questions (“How do you say ‘scenic byway’ in Russian?”), it was a slow month for learning Russian. If you saw my previous post, I did pick up two new resources on Russian grammar.

But in more exciting news… it’s almost time for новый год. Here are two holiday memes to get you in the holiday spirit. 😉

And on to the roundup!


The Top Three

Here are the three best things I read about/in Russian this month. I think you’ll enjoy them too!

  1. 20+ драматических котов, по которым давно Оскар плачет, 20+ dramatic cats who are long overdue for an Oscar
  2. NONE OF YOUR FREAKING MOVIES GET IT RIGHT: a guide to Russian names
  3. Анекдот: МОЙ ПРОШЕДШИЙ ГОД, Joke: My last year

Also, noteworthy: gorgeous photos from early fall in Kyiv’s botanical gardens and 5 Reasons to Travel to Georgia (the Country) in the Winter.


What to Watch

A video intro from the new US ambassador to Russia.


Елена Н sent me this grammar video to watch. It has some cute poems about all of the cases.


More grammar: another good video from Amazing Russian.


This new song. Do you like it?


What have you been doing lately to improve your Russian?

Leave me a comment below! 🙂

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