Russian Roundup – September 2017

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Even though I didn’t set any language goals for September, it was still a decent month for learning Russian.

I worked on 6 translations, including several for a new agency.

Елена Н. called me on Skype 7 times, so that was 7 hours of Russian conversation.

My husband told me- I honestly don’t know how we get on these topics sometimes- that cosmonauts pee on a tire before flying to space.

A few weeks ago, I lucked out and met a woman who teaches Russian at the local community college. She’s American, married to a Russian guy. She put me in touch with one of her students, another American woman married to a Russian guy. I think I’m finally finding candidates for my How to Survive Your Свекровь club, haha. (Speaking of which, my mother-in-law will be visiting us next month. Cue the language immersion!)

And just the other day, I hopped in the elevator and saw my Russian neighbor. She introduced her friend (a beginning student) and we all spoke Russian for a few floors. When the elevator stopped, a man who had been standing silently in the corner moved past us to exit the elevator. As he was leaving, the beginning student was just saying how unconfident she felt about her language skills. The man turned and complimented her in perfect Russian: “Не плохо.” This briefly sent all of us into shock. When my native-speaker neighbor found her voice, she asked “Как вы знаете русский язык?!” He replied, “Я из Молдовы,” smiled, and walked off. My neighbor turned back to us and said, “You have to be careful in this city. Everyone speaks Russian!”

How was your September? Did you hit the books? Did you learn anything that surprised you? If you found something cool, please share it with me a comment. I love to find new resources for learning Russian.


For this month’s Russian roundup, I found 8 interesting videos for you. My favorite videos of the month are about the industrial city of Norilsk and (the best-named charity ever) Babushka Adoption. There are also several helpful videos on grammar and vocabulary. Enjoy! 🙂


Are you fascinated by the harshness of life in Норильск? Check out the trailer for A Moon of Nickel and Ice. I definitely want to see this!


(Not seeing the embedded videos in this post? Click here.)


Did you know that язык жестов (or жестовый язык) means sign language? These 2 videos-  Русский язык: Язык жестов 1 & 2- aren’t actually about sign language, but they’ll teach you most of the basic body language you should know when communicating in Russian.



This Pushkin audiobook comes recommended by Елена Н.



Speaking of Елена Н., she told me about this cool program: Babushka Adoption. It’s a Kyrgyz/Swiss charity that matches pensioners with volunteers who can provide friendship and financial support. In order for a pensioner to qualify for the program, they must be at least 65 years old, receive a monthly pension of less than $70 USD, and have no family support. Volunteers provide about $15 USD a month and are welcome to send letters or even visit their adopted babushka or dedushka.



Master the differences between есть / поесть / съесть / кушать.



Another great what’s the difference between…? video: ставить vs класть.



If you’re looking for more info about ставитькласть and вешать, Amazing Russian has the perfect tutorial for you.




What are your study plans for October? I have some non-language things going on, so there won’t be any new posts here until the second half of the month. In the meantime, the Street Russian Facebook page can help you stay motivated and curious about the Russian language.

Have a wonderful October! Счастливого октября!

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