Russian snack update

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Still on lockdown, haven’t seen any friends in person since the first week of March, but I’ve recently made friends with a lot of tasty Russian treats… 😂

  1. Чаговый чай (Chaga tea)

I think this tea is fairly common in the US too?

Last year I bought a box of чаговый чай in the аптека… it was so good! The drink turned out dark and rich, like coffee, but without the caffeine. The tea in this plastic bottle isn’t quite as good but we’re almost through it and I found a different brand at an эко-магазин before the shutdown. The new one is обработанный паром (steamed) so I can’t wait to try it.

2. Черемша (pickled garlic scapes)

MAJORLY ADDICTING. One taste and you will become a compulsive черемша eater. To be honest, I don’t really know exactly what they are other than “something garlicky that is served with Georgian food”. Google suggested pickled garlic scapes and it looked legit. ? They’re like super crunchy sour garlic pickles.

3. Чечил (Chechil)

No photo on hand so I pulled this one from my previous blog.

This is the strangest looking cheese. Seriously. It looks like something you’d buy in a hardware store, right? But it’s actually a delicious Armenian string cheese and another highly addictive snack.

4. Пампушки (Ukrainian garlic bread)

Borsch’s superhero sidekick. Garlic dill overload!

5. Вяленый лимон (dried lemon)

At the hospital, my very nice roommate had brought these along as a snack. “They’re nothing but lemon!” she promised. “Quite good for your health!” They were certainly… lemony. I liked them. If it’s really an entire dehydrated lemon, that’s got to be pretty good for your health, right?

6. Сырок (no translation, just try it)

Another photo from Ukraine because I didn’t have any in the fridge. (If any had been in the fridge, I would have eaten them long ago!)

Wikipedia calls this stuff curd snack which… let me check… yes, sounds REVOLTING. There’s got to be a better name for it. The word literally means little cheese: сыр → сырок. It’s made from творог, another untranslatably thing. It’s like a mini ice cream bar, if the ice cream tasted slightly healthier. You can find them in all kinds of flavors. I recently tried a pistachio one but chocolate remains king.

Have you tried чага чай, черемша, чечил, пампушки , вяленый лимон, or сырок? Or maybe you have another favorite Russian snack?

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