Russian songs for a peaceful winter evening

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Here’s a quick little Russian playlist for a cold night (but I can’t promise you festive lyrics) and some photos from this month to set the tone…

Мельница — Дорога сна

I’ve shared this beautiful song in a previous post (The Best Russian Songs Sung by Women). Just like all Мельница songs, it’s absolutely haunting.

ДДТ — Белая ночь

A great song from one of the greatest Russian rock bands!

Аквариум — Лой Быканах

This next song is actually not in Russian, although my mom would say “Well, that sounds like Russian to me.” It’s sung in «Ушельский язык»… which I think is a made-up language. Wikipedia has a short entry on the mysterious song.

The lyrics consist of only two phrases:

Лой Быканах,

Akim — Не гадай

This is a very chill song about heartbreak.

Мальбэк — Равнодушие ft. Сюзанна

This final song is awesome background music for a snowy night when you still have a lot to do.

Do you have any good songs to add to this list? If you do, please leave me a link in the comments!

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  1. хела
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    Мельница – «Прощай»

    Her voice is haunting. Sometimes I think she sounds like Karen Matheson

    • Katherine
      | Reply

      There is definitely a similarity there! And they’re both incredible singers, wow!))

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