Russian songs of 2020

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This isn’t the first time I’ve shared Russian songs with you this year – there was a September post on 9 Russian songs about the coronavirus and 3 songs that are hot in Russia right now way back in January – but here are a couple new songs that came out in 2020….

🎵RADIO TAPOK и БАТЯ – Old Town Road (Русская версия)

If you enjoy these kinds of covers, check out Radio Tapok’s channel or specifically:

🎵IC3PEAK – Плак-Плак

This group makes powerful, dramatic music on social themes in Russia. All their songs tell a different story but I’ve chosen this particular one because of the next video…

Yeah Russia made a very useful breakdown of the language used in the song:

🎵SQWOZ BAB & The First Station – АУФ

When the weather was warmer and people listened to music while walking in the park, I used to hear this rapper a lot. Now that the park is empty, I hear his songs in TikTok and Instagram videos, especially this song:

Ауф is a newish slang word meaning cool, wow… or perhaps it’s the sound of a wolf’s voice? There’s a post on explaining the word showed up a few years ago and became even more popular after SQWOZ BAB’s new song. This song just came out about a month ago and already hit #1 on vk and #2 on Shazaam.

If you’re curious about new Russian words like ауф, here’s a good resource for you: Ауф, локдаун, падра — это главные новые слова русского языка.

Here are a few more good SQWOZ BAB songs (very colorful language though):

🎵Simbachka – Да я котик

Only for cat owners. 😹

Да, я котик
Yes, I'm a kitty

Милый, классный, няшный
Sweet, cool, cute

Почешика мне животик
Scratch my little belly

Ведь я котик
Cuz I'm a kitty

Ведь я котик
Cuz I'm a kitty

М мяу

🎵Максим Круженков – Зять

A taxi driver had this funny song playing one afternoon – the song’s chorus is Твоей маме нужен зять, Your mom needs a son-in-law. 😄

🎵Даня Милохин & Николай Басков – Дико тусим

I’m not a huge fan of this one but I think it’s neat that a famous opera singer (the incredible Nikolai Baskov) teamed up with an 18-year-old rapper (Danya Milokhin):

As Nikolai Baskov sings in the song-

Я покорил давно эстраду, теперь возьму TikTok.
I conquered the stage a long time ago, now I'm coming for TikTok.

By the way, maybe you remember the Даня Милохин song I shared a few months back in my post on coronavirus songs?… Back in April he was singing Угадай где я, я дома (Guess where I am, I’m at home), which I think was a reference to the spring lockdown. But now, like any Russian, he has moved on. In Дико тусим, which premiered in mid-September, he now sings Угадай где я? Я не дома, baby.

Which of these songs have you heard before?

What are you listening to these days?

What has been your favorite song of 2020 so far?

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