Russian words I learned from playing Hay Day

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Remember Games For Learning Russian? I haven’t been hooked on a game since the $10 zombie farming game… until now. You guys, I can’t stop playing Hay Day. It’s soooo addictive!! Honestly, I’ve been spending at least 2 hours a day on that game for the past few weeks. Any time I see my phone, I pick it up and immediately check my farm. 😉

Being enslaved to an app is not a great thing, unless-

– that app also comes in Russian!

Not only does it come in Russian, but there are tons of Russian players in the game. This morning, I bought crops from колхозcollective farm and пятилетка5 year plan.

From playing, I’ve picked up a ton of new words, words that are almost too random to learn in everyday life. For example, сахарный тростник, sugar cane and приманка, bait and кирка, mining pick. I guarantee you those words would just float away if I tried to learn them any other way. There’s serious variety to the game: raising livestock, producing goods, mining, expanding territory, trading, and fishing. (And ugh, the names of all those fish!!) It’s pretty slow going most of the time-I just managed to afford a вязальщик сетей, fishing net maker and hope to eventually get a медогонка, honey extractor- which means lots and lots and lots of repetition of all kinds of new words.

Did you know погодите is another way to say подождите, wait? I didn’t know this.

Here are the new words that I liked learning the most:

  • курятник, chicken coop.
    • Similar endings: свинарник, pigsty and крольчатник, rabbit hatch. But cows and sheep get a пастбище, pasture.
  • плавильняsmelter.
    • Turns different kinds of руда, ore into a слиток, ingot.
    • PS: Mining is always more fun with a бочка с тротилом, a barrel of TNT.
  • амбарbarn.
    • Which is constantly running out of space so that you’ll pay real money to upgrade. Or you can be a scrooge like me and count every single шуруп and винт until you get enough to expand. And I totally thought шуруп and винт were the same thing- a screw– but nope. Especially clear when you are waiting and waiting for that final винт and all you keep getting is a шуруп!

  • дробилка, mill.
    • Very high-maintenance machine that slowly makes корм, animal food.
  • купчая = land deed.
    • You’ll need a lot of these in order to расширь свою ферму, expand your farm.


Have I convinced you to try Hay Day in the name of language learning yet? 🙂 Or maybe you already play? (It’s been around for 5 years.) Hope to see you in the game!!

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  1. Jasilyn Albert
    | Reply

    My boyfriend said he learned English from playing video games! I should try this game.

    • Katherine
      | Reply

      You totally should, Jasilyn! It’s fun and easy to play. At least, you’ll be able to hold a conversation with any Russian farmers you meet, haha.

      Btw, did your boyfriend learn “All your base are belong to us”? 😉

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