Snacks and sweets

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торт наполеон

I don’t know about you, but I’m a major сладкоежка (person with a sweet tooth)! Chips and crackers rarely find their way into our kitchen but chocolate is a whole other story 😉


Living in Ukraine meant a never-ending supply of sweets: Easter cakes, boxes of chocolates from students, торт наполеон from the local bakery, tea heaped with sugar. Take a peek at some of these sweet treats and shops…

Who_said_moo? Russian_chocolate chocolate2 snacksBaskin_Robbins_Ukraine bakery_shop


And not-so-sweet treats….

bacon_chips blini blinchiki frozen_blini


Russian / English cheat sheet

Кто сказал “му”? = I think this is a reference to an old Soviet cartoon called Кто сказал “мяу”?

печенье = cookie

сгущенное молоко = condensed milk

нажми здесь, чтобы открыть = press here to open (online this can translate as “click here to open [page/ attachement]”)

клюква  = cranberry

экстрачёрный шоколад = extra-dark chocolate

молочный шоколад = milk chocolate

какао-порошок = cocoa powder

здесь продаётся x = x is sold here

пекарь = baker

кондитер = confectioner

только разогреть = just heat up (ie, just heat up and serve)

6 шт. = 6 items (servings)

пшеничная клетчатка = wheat fiber


What are your favorite kinds of snacks and sweets по-русски? 🙂



PS: Get more info on the Street Russian Project here!

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