Soviet rock bands: ДДТ

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Soviet Rock Bands You Should Know, Part 1


Okay, those glasses- I swear the lead singer of this band was my 7th grade math teacher. But if you look beyond thirty six years of frightening fashion choices, you’ll discover an truly amazing band. ДДТ has been around since 1980 and gone through dozens of band members over the decades. The lead singer- Yuri Shevchuk- is still out there performing and protesting. He’s never been the type to shy away from confronting the country’s problems in his music… or even right to Putin’s face. Beyond that, though, this man’s voice is INCREDIBLE. Oh, Боже мой!



Here’s your ДДТ starter kit… enjoy!!



Song: Родина, Motherland

Famous Lyrics: Родина / Еду я на родину / Пусть кричат – уродина / А она нам нравится, Motherland / I’m going to the motherland / Let them cry out that it’s ugly / But we like it

Why you should listen: This has always been one of my favorite songs, ever since a teacher first played it for the class back in Russian 301. I hope you’ll like it just as much as I do.




Song: Это всё, что останется после меня, This is all that is left after me

Famous Lyrics: Это всё, что останется после меня / Это всё, что возьму я с собой, This is all that is left after me / This is everything that I’m taking with me

Why you should listen: It’s almost like a lullaby.




Song: Ты не один, You’re not alone

Famous Lyrics: Ты не один, я не одна / Сердце моё с тобой навсегда / Трудно понять нити судьбы / Но мы с тобой так далеки… / Так близки… You’re not alone, I’m not alone / My heart is always with you / It’s hard to understand the threads of fate / But we’re so far from each other… / So close…

Why you should listen: Is that a saxophone playing in this song??




So remember, DDT is more than just a chemical compound dangerous to all life forms on Earth… it’s also a super-cool rock band supposedly named after the deadly chemical! 😉



Coming soon: Part 2- Кино and Part 3- Пикник


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