Spring Chelyabinsk, Part 1

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If there were ever a glamorous time to be in Chelyabinsk, we can definitely rule out early spring. (Russia’s first day of spring is always March 1st.) Later spring is pretty incredible though… I’ll share Part 2 to this post in the next few weeks. In the meantime, here’s a look at the past couple of months.


Icicle kill zone:

Signs like this can save your life.


Оттепель, the thaw

It can be beautiful…
… or not.


Fooled you!

The snow is gone one afternoon!
The next morning.


Vitamin D

The sun finally conquers the snow.

Miass river in April.


People start to leave windows open



Lots of dark skies and showers.


Субботник time

Signs like this one appear on residential buildings, urging people to participate in a neighborhood cleanup. For more details, Russian Life has a great article: Lights, Cameras, Shovels!
Results of the Субботник.
Post-Субботник at a local hospital.


Scientific proof of spring

Someone planted a lot of cats this year. 😉


Park weather

Muddy trails have dried out, birds are singing, babushkas sing to an accordion.



Overnight, everything grew. The May 9th parade was accompanied by 80F temperatures. Children are finally let out of their snowsuits. Afternoons bring thunderstorms.

To be continued…

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