St. Petersburg penpal mail!

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Mail day! 🙂 My friend from Yakutsk visited St. Petersburg and sent a big envelope full of souvenirs! I treasure everything she included and want to share the photos with you…

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She also included, as usual, a beautiful card written in Yakut. (If you’re interested in the Yakut language, you can read more about it here: Do you speak Yakut?)

I think Э5эрдэ means Поздравляю.

What’s the last Russian-related item you got in the mail? 🙂 Was it something you ordered for yourself, like a textbook, or was it a gift from someone else?

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  1. J.T.
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    Nice! I saw the exact same postcards at Подписные издания – perhaps that is where your friend found them?

  2. Teango
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    Ничего себе! What an amazing package to get in the mail; it sure beats my usual postal salad of bills, boxes of pampers, and flyers to the local dodgy pizzeria or dental clinic. My last Russian related delivery was a box of children’s books for my little daughter about a year ago. She loves when papa reads her things like Репка and Теремок and doesn’t chastise me over poor stress placement either. I also make up for my non-native Russian pronunciation with lots of colorful body language and silly voices, and more often than not, a generous supply of props. 😉

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