St. Petersburg penpal mail!

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Mail day! 🙂 My friend from Yakutsk visited St. Petersburg and sent a big envelope full of souvenirs! I treasure everything she included and want to share the photos with you…

Discover more of Sasha Pavlova’s art @

She also included, as usual, a beautiful card written in Yakut. (If you’re interested in the Yakut language, you can read more about it here: Do you speak Yakut?)

I think Э5эрдэ means Поздравляю.

What’s the last Russian-related item you got in the mail? 🙂 Was it something you ordered for yourself, like a textbook, or was it a gift from someone else?

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  1. J.T.
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    Nice! I saw the exact same postcards at Подписные издания – perhaps that is where your friend found them?

    • Katherine
      | Reply

      Oooh, good question! I’ll ask her. 🙂 That looks like a cool store (per my very official Google research, haha). Did you see any of their maps around the city when you were there?

  2. Teango
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    Ничего себе! What an amazing package to get in the mail; it sure beats my usual postal salad of bills, boxes of pampers, and flyers to the local dodgy pizzeria or dental clinic. My last Russian related delivery was a box of children’s books for my little daughter about a year ago. She loves when papa reads her things like Репка and Теремок and doesn’t chastise me over poor stress placement either. I also make up for my non-native Russian pronunciation with lots of colorful body language and silly voices, and more often than not, a generous supply of props. 😉

    • Katherine
      | Reply

      You sound like a great teacher for your daughter, Teango! 😀 Did you order the books off a Russian site like Or did you get them somewhere else?

  3. Teango
    | Reply

    Thanks, I try to be the best dad I can be given the circumstances, but I’ve got a LOT to learn on the job and am always being kept on my toes… 😉 My wife and I ordered around 30 Russian books from last year, and we were delighted when the big box finally arrived on our little island all the way from Mother Russia (by the way it was taped up, and given the additional search notices on the package, it looked like Доктор Айболит had been perused by various agencies along the way). I’d also like to start reading stories in Hawaiian to my daughter, as there are lots of great picture books for small children here in the local Hawaiian language shop (surreptitious side whisper: I’ve already bagged a few in eager anticipation). 🙂

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