The bad day survival kit

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Если ты сегодня бьёшься как рыба об лед, if nothing is going your way today…



 тогда вам надо этот пост, then you need this blog post. 🙂



Here are five more examples of someone who probably is having a worse day than you are-

#1. Yikes! It sucks to be that driver.

#2. That poor kid.

#3. And that poor moose!

#4. The day when he really hates his job.

#5. It was just supposed to be a quick errand.


Or there’s always the bonus round: Life in Russia all at once.




Need more escapism? Try A Normal Day in Russia. And не вешай нос!, cheer up! Like they always say: все будет хорошо, everything will be okay.



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