The Best Russian Songs Sung by Women

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Here are 8 songs sung by women* in Russian** that you’ll enjoy listening to***.

* Almost true.

** Again, almost true.

*** This one is true, I promise!


So… have fun!! 😀

(And if you don’t see the YouTube videos in this post, click here.)


#1. МАКSИМ – Одиночка (Loner)

What it’s about: Looking for company.

Why you should listen to it: She’s got masterful control over her voice, almost like it’s an instrument to be played. Also, she sings like she’s having fun!



#2. Мельница: Дорога Сна (The Road of Dreams)

What it’s about: Mmmm…. I’m not sure. My husband also isn’t sure, and neither is this online forum. Best guesses: suicide, incest, alcoholism, or nerds. (So, basically it’s a Game of Thrones song.)

Why you should listen to it: It’s absolutely beautiful.



#3. Земфира: Искала (I was looking for you)

What it’s about: Sometimes we get what we want… and then we don’t want it anymore. In this particular song, dreaming about the dream guy turned out to be greater than actually getting the dream guy.

Why you should listen to it: It’s a cool mix of rock + great lyrics.


PS: If you enjoy Zemfira, I HIGHLY recommend her song СПИД (AIDS)- read more about it here.



#4. Вера Брежнева: Любовь спасет мир (Love Will Save the World)

What it’s about: It’s a feel-good song about the power of love.

Why you should listen to it: This song was eeeeeeeverywhere for a while. It was the song you’d hear from passing cars, the song you’d hear on the tinny speakers above supermarket aisles. It even has its own meme-

The actual chorus: Я знаю пароль, я вижу ориентир, Я верю только в это, любовь спасет мир.

It’s catchy song, so I apologize if that meme makes you hear “Я верю, что еноты придут спасать нас” for the rest of the day. 😉



#5. Верка Сердючка: Гоп гоп (Gop Gop)

What it’s about: Drinking and being happy!

Why you should listen to it: Okay, this one is kind of cheating. Verka Serduchka is, of course, not actually a woman- she’s a character played by the (rather handsome) Andriy Danylko- and the song is in Ukrainian, not Russian. BUT IT’S SUCH AN AWESOME SONG that I had to include it here. Also, Verka Serduchka has appeared on on pretty much every New Year’s Eve TV special ever, so she’s famous throughout all the Russian-speaking world. She’s an instantly recognizable megastar.


PS: Here are 2 great Verka Serduchka songs in Russian: Все будет хорошо and the endlessly entertaining Пирожок.



#6. Оля Полякова: Russian Style

What it’s about: Being a “good girl” doesn’t pay the bills.

Why you should listen to it: I wouldn’t actually call this one of the best Russian songs sung by women, but it’s quite fun + I wanted to bring up what it means if someone is “waiting for a streetcar.” As Olya sings in the chorus- я не такая, я жду трамвая. I was told this expression is a way of saying “I’m not a prostitute.” (As in, “I’m waiting for a streetcar, I’m not standing out here here to look for a date.”) But according to one commenter here, the phrase references Anna Karenina and means “I’m just here to wait for a ride, not throw myself in front of it.” Thoughts?



#7. Ленинград: Плачу (I pay / I cry)

What it’s about: How expensive life is.

Why you should listen to it: Because when proofreading an early version of this post, my husband stopped in shock. “You forgot плачу и плачу!” Also, плачу и плачу is a pretty cool play on words, coming from the similar first-person forms of платить, pay and плакать, cry.



#8. Ёлка – Мальчик-красавчик (Pretty Boy)

What it’s about: A playboy.

Why you should listen to it: It’s catchy + describes a certain part of the population.




What do you think of these songs? Leave me a comment with your favorite song!

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