The stray cats of Anapa

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Perhaps you read about the stray cat in Vladivostok who broke into a deli and ate through $1,000 in seafood.

Maybe you watched the video of the stray cats who follow monks around at a monastery in Moscow.

There’s also the stray cat who saved a baby in Obninsk, the stray cat who moved in with a lynx at the St. Petersburg zoo, and the 70+ stray cats that have been adopted by the Hermitage.

We didn’t hear any wild stories about the stray cats of Anapa, but we saw them everywhere during our vacation. They dozed under trees along the seawalk, waited patiently for бабушки to bring them snacks, and meandered from stall to stall in the marketplace. I wanted to pet them all (!!!) but had to settle for photographs in most cases.

Here are the stray cats of Anapa: the well-fed, the hungry, the cute, the sad.


PS: Here’s a 2015 article on stray animals in Russia- why are there so many and what is being done to help?


PPS: Кот домой пришел is my favorite Russian cat video ever. You should check it out! 🙂


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