Using social media to learn Russian

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Ребята, a little bit of social media news first-

if you’re the type of person who also revels in Russian tea time, babushka humor, snowy Siberian nights, and nesting dolls, then I think we should Pinterest together. 🙂


Do you use any соцсети (that’s short for социальные сети) to improve your Russian?

Or perhaps you don’t even know where to start with that, in which case this meme is for you-




If you do use соцсети, please help me!

I’m not a huge user of social media in the first place- for reasons– and now that I have to manage accounts for work, I’m even less inclined to use it in my off-time. (That means this list is small.) Despite that, it would be cool to find a few new ways to sneak more Russian into the day. If you have a favorite account to follow on a соцсеть, please link it below. большое спасибо!

Here are my current go-to favorites…



This is one of my biggest addictions. is one of those sites: all of the sudden you look up from your computer and realize 30 minutes have gone by. It’s an endless source of amusement!

Instead of going directly to the site and losing 30 minutes of life, I like how Facebook drip feeds you their newest posts. Also, my Russian-speaking friends on Facebook are always resharing the funniest articles.

Start here:


Бери и Делай

This is a spin-off from with cool videos. Imagine the absurd goodness of lifehacks you don’t actually need + Russian practice. (It’s literally a Russian version of Nifty.)


Russian teachers on Facebook

These two women are both native speakers of Russian who live abroad and teach the language. I learn a ton of new words and phrases by following their pages.

Bonus round for cat lovers: Без кота и жизнь не та



I don’t have an Instagram account, so these are the pages I’ve bookmarked to lurk:

What would you add to this list?



In general- if it’s over 3 minutes, it’s hard for me to sit through. These vloggers are the exception:

  • Learn Russian Language (She’s so cute! She’s like a carbon copy of my husband’s mother!)
  • Angelos Georgakis (This guy is a Greek with crazy mad Russian skills. Whoa.)
  • This is хорошо (Always fun, though I don’t watch this on a regular basis anymore.)
  • Real Russian (The content is mostly in English, but it’s interesting to get an inside look at things.)
  • MarMari93 (I *just* discovered this vlogger. Her vlogs are unstaged- it’s mundane, ordinary life- with lots of good vocab.)



Do you think social media can help you learn another language?

Which sites do you use with the intent of improving your Russian?

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  1. Jasilyn
    | Reply

    I feel so honored that you actually have my instagram bookmarked! 🙂 Also, I need to start following the borscht hashtag!

    I’m definitely going to have to check out those youtubers. Anton wants me to get into youtubing but I hate being on camera

    • Katherine
      | Reply

      YouTube would be a really interesting experiment, Jasilyn! What if you were just narrating from behind the camera instead of speaking in front of it? Loving all the fall colors on your Instagram account, btw.

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