9 Victory Day photos from Chelyabinsk

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Revolution Square, 30 minutes before the parade was about to start. The temperature was already around 80F / 27C.
Flags, red carnations, ribbons, and military caps were sold everywhere.
We finally found a spot to stand near the end of the route, near the trucks that loaded the tanks used in the parade. Unlike American parades, no one had coolers of food or chairs.
The parade kicked off with an old warplane buzzing the streets, followed by 3 tanks, lots of WWII-era vehicles, and several groups of riders on horseback. (You can see a few short videos of the parade here.)
Meanwhile, at the city’s Eternal Flame…
No alcohol for sale from 10 AM – 6:30 PM. Instead, people crowded around the ice cream cooler.
Lots of signs like this all over the city. New word for me: Тыл = rear, supporting the frontlines.
The Immortal Regiment is a worldwide march that happens in the beginning of May. Marchers carry placards with photos of relatives who fought in WWII. You can see photos from this year’s march in cities like Hong Kong, Rome, and New York here. I was hoping we could participate with a picture of D’s grandmother (she was a nurse on the frontlines) but we couldn’t get our act together in time to get the placard made.

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