Weekend recap + mini Russian lesson

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This week I feel like writing so I’m going to try something new: creating a new post every day for the next five days.

Saturday was a rainy day, just a few degrees too warm for snow. I had a work event that afternoon and then walked to meet my husband at this mall where he was taking shelter in the food court.

After that, we walked to a grocery store called Spar. This is one of the biggest stores we’ve seen so far in Chelyabinsk and has all kinds of unusual stuff. Here are two of my favorite items:

A frozen lingonberry-strawberry-basil mix for tea! (We bought this.)
“I’m a shopper” board game for kids. (Didn’t buy this.)

Sunday was much more pleasant, although the wind chill brought the temperatures to below freezing. D and I walked through the park and took a few photos before the cold drained our phone batteries. All kids were completely bundled up in snowsuits, boots, mittens, and knit hats… so cute! The usual weekend animal show was in the park too- a pair of fat raccoons, a skittish wolf, and a raven next to a collection box for “бездомные животные“.


Mini Russian lesson

уволить = to be fired, let go from a job

уволиться = to quit a job

Yeah, yeah, yeah, regular words… but this weekend I found out that the root of these words is воля (freedom). Isn’t that beautiful? (Or do I read too much Tim Ferris, haha?)


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